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Uniting People and Culture for Global Excellence in Delivering Timely, Quality Services
Our Guiding Principles
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Our Guiding Principles
Consumer confidence grows from the technical competence of those whom they hire. Eagle Environmental strives to consistently provide the best work in the industry so that our customers feel confident that when the hire us, the job will be done right, compliant, and on schedule.

We are continually training our staff with the latest technologies of our industry. Our Estimators make it a priority to have a clear understanding of what our customers need and expect. Our goal is to provide our customers a superlative service by a top-tier company.
Integrity implicitly implies that Eagle Environmental® takes responsibility for everything we agree to do. We strongly believe that customers must feel confident in the integrity of those they employ. Our commitment to integrity is the most important part of our customer service on every project and is the cornerstone of the Eagle Promise. When customers choose Eagle Environmental for their abatement work, they will experience the Eagle Promise, which is: “If we say we will do something, we’ll do it!” We pride ourselves on our integrity, which translates to completing the job professionally, on time, and for the price promised.
We value our customers and we know they are more than just a number. Once we have earned confidence through our top-quality work, and have addressed all issues with integrity, we want our customers to have pride when talking about their experience with our company. We create friendships with whomever we work with. When our clients see our trucks on the road, we want a positive feeling to incur. In order to insure this we treat each of our customers as part of our team. We believe that customers want to interact with people who care. We recognize the human value of our customers and hold them in high esteem.
Our return business is due to the passion that we have created in our customers for Eagle Environmental. When they have an environmental issue, “Eagle can fix that” pops into their heads. They tell their associates about us and the positive experiences they have had. They quickly recommend Eagle to their friends due to our perfect alignment of expectations and consistency in every customer interaction.
Our Guarantee to our customers is simply this: “We will give you the industry’s best possible price for the highest quality work, without compromising regulatory and safety compliance.”
Our Guiding Principles
Culture is philosophy lived


People + Relationships + Culture & Alignment of Training, Talent & Experience

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Our mission is fulfilled when each of these pieces fit together.

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CONFIDENCE, INTEGRITY, PRIDE & PASSION, our company values build relationships both internally and externally.

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